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The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO

Partnering with educational institutions from far and wide is nothing new for UNINETTUNO. This distance learning university already works with universities across Europe, North America and Asia, giving students around the world access to expert tuition and cutting-edge learning resources.

Like FBT, UNINETTUNO firmly believes in making quality courses as flexible as possible, allowing students to learn on their own terms. It was with this ethos of accessibility in mind that the Italian government formed the university in 2005 – and it is this ethos which led to the UNINETTUNO / FBT partnership.

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Award-winning distance learning

UNINETTUNO is so highly regarded that it holds the “E-xcellence” Quality Assurance in e-learning award from EADTU, the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities. This organisation aims to develop the accessibility and flexibility of higher education across the continent, making its commendation a real achievement.

Academic recognition

In addition to other institutions, UNINETTUNO enjoys the recognition of the Ministry of Education, University and Research in Italy.

The following programmes are validated and awarded by UNINETTUNO: